9 Unexplained Mysteries in Europe

The world is full of unexplained mysteries. There are people who believe that aliens killed JFK, and that Big Foot is just...

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The world is full of unexplained mysteries. There are people who believe that aliens killed JFK, and that Big Foot is just waiting around the next tree. In the spirit of mystery and fun, here is a list of Europe’s most popular unexplained mysteries.

1.      Stonehenge

stone surrounded by grass

This popular unexplained mystery was built around 5,000 years ago, and is considered to be a great pre-historic monument (at least in Britain’s history). No one knows how Stonehenge was built, its original purpose, why it was rearranged a number of times, or why it exists at all.

2.      Out of Place Metal

Working with metal is something that all have done in the 21st century; yet there have been sightings of metal objects during times when metal wouldn’t have even been attainable. Metallic tubes were found in Cretaceous chalk in France; this chalk was over 64 million years old; humans weren’t even around 64 million years ago.

3.      The Clapham Wood Mystery

Remember the spooky forest in the movies that you know you shouldn’t go into? This is that forest. Upon entering Clapham, people have reported feeling sick, nauseous, and have an unexplainable feeling as if they are being followed. Scientists have studied the forest and have found traces of what could be a magnetic field; this hardly explains anything though.

4.      The Hum

People in Britain (as well as the United States) have complained about a sound only known as “The Hum.” Since the 1970s, hundreds upon hundreds of people have complained, lost sleep, and in general went mad over hearing a humming sound that had no source. Over 700 letters were written to one newspaper complaining about the noise.

5.      The Devil’s Footprints

aerial photography of mountain near body of water

On February 8th, 1855, snow fell on Devon, England. It wasn’t a huge snowstorm, but snow did fall. The next day, tracks were found above the snow; more specially, these tracks looked like hooves (or hoof-like). What is unexplained about these hoof-like tracks is the fact that they went on for one hundred miles in an almost perfect straight line, and the snowfall the night before didn’t cover them. Sightings like this have been seen around the world. Many claim it is the Devil looking around the world for sinners.

6.      Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)

coastal rocks

Loch Ness is the largest body of fresh water in Britain; because of this fact, and many people claiming to have seen something big move inside the water, many believe that there is a pre-historic lake monster in Loch Ness. Although there are many fake pictures and sightings, many still believe that the Loch Ness Monster is real.

7.      The Belmez Faces

Belmez is a very small Spanish village in Spain. It is in this village that Maria Pereira claimed that a human face materialized on her floor. In her fear, she tore up the floor, and completely replaced it. Although the floor was brand new, the face materialized once again; this time not just one, but many faces.

8.      Jack the Ripper

In the 1800s, there was a string of murders in London; a letter was sent by the murderer to a newspaper, taking credit for the murders and giving himself the name, “Jack the Ripper.” Jack the Ripper brutally killed mostly women by cutting their throats. Although there are many suspects of who Jack the Ripper could be, till this day, no one knows who he (or she) was.

9.      Crop Circles

No list of unexplained mysteries could be complete without mentioning Crop Circles. These eerie designs have showed up all over the world, so much so that many don’t believe in them anymore. Many people have admitted to creating Crop Circles, but the early ones still haven’t been explained.

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