Photo: Bars on Rue Saint-Boniface, Brussels, Belgium

A photo of local bars in a quaint neighborhood in Brussels, Belgium - a country known for beers like...

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Photo: The Palace of Justice, Brussels, Belgium

The Palace of Justice of Brussels or Law Courts of Brussels is the most important court building in Belgium....

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Photo: The Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

The Atomium is a landmark building in Brussels (Belgium), originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. It is...

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Photo: Brussels Town Hall, Brussels, Belgium

The Town Hall of Brussels is a Gothic building from the Middle Ages. It is located on the famous...

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Photo: Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken contain tropical, sub tropical and cold greenhouses. The greenhouses are part of the Royal...

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Photo: Grand Place Square, Brussels, Belgium

Photo: Grand Place Square, Brussels, Belgium

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Castles in Ghent: Counts and Devils

The historical city of Ghent and the areas around it are host to several historic castles. In the city...

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Ghent’s Christmas Market

Ghent’s Christmas Market lets you experience the spirit of Christmas in the heart of the historic city of Ghent....

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Ghent in two minutes

During one year a team of audiovisual professionals shot footage in and around the Belgian city of Ghent, with...

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