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The Top 10 Traditional Czech Dishes to Try

The Czech Republic is famous for a traditional diet of meat and potatoes, gravies, and root vegetables. Czech food is filling, comforting,...

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The Czech Republic is famous for a traditional diet of meat and potatoes, gravies, and root vegetables. Czech food is filling, comforting, and very rich, so make sure you plan to take a walk either before or after dinner to walk it off.

Beef Steak Tartare

This dish is a classic Czech staple, and no visitor to the Czech Republic or Prague should leave without tasting it. For those unfamiliar, beef steak tartare is raw beef that has been cut, scrapped, or minced and it is served with condiments. Most restaurants will serve it with bread and garlic.

row meat on plate

It may sound gross, but properly prepared it is delicious.

Kulajda (potato soup)

Czech food is all about rich soups and sauces. Kulajda is a traditional soup that is creamy, with potatoes, mushrooms, dill, vinegar, and a poached egg. The best version in Prague is served in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Svíčková (marinated sirloin)

Put simply, svickova is beef sirloin covered in different cream sauces. However, not everyone agrees on what the perfect preparation is. The most common preparation is a vegetable sauce with cream that contains carrots, celery, parsley root, and served with bread dumplings.

This traditional Czech dish is typically made for Sunday family dinner, and each family typically has their own unique preparation fo the dish.

Vepřo knedlo zelo (roasted pork)

This is one of the most traditional Czech dishes you can try, and consists of roasted pork with dumplings and a side of pickled cabbage. If you’re a fan of stuffed cabbage you’ll love this dish.

Řízek (schnitzel)

The řízek is the Czech version of a schnitzel. It is unique by being made using different meats, covered in breadcrumbs, and finally being fried. Most locations will serve it with a side of potato salad or bread.

We highly recommend the beef or pork schnitzels.

Česnečka (garlic soup)

This is a heavy-garlic soup served with croutons. Many restaurants will also add an egg, and small pieces of sausage, pork, or cheese.

Guláš (goulash)

Goulash, just like schnitzel, isn’t unique to the Czech Republic. This dish is commonly served across the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but the Czech version is a thicker stew, with cuts of meat, and served with dumplings.

This is a super safe bet in any restaurant – almost every place you visit will have a solid goulash dish.

Rajská omáčka (beef in tomato soup)

This dish is beef in a variety of different soups, although tomato soup is the most popular. It is a popular dish in the fall, and is enhanced with a ton of flavorful spices.

Moravský vrabec

This is a super popular pork dish that is served with sauerkraut and dumplings. It is a heavy dish and is typically served with beer.

Karbanátek (meat patty)

This is essentially hamburger without the buns, and is often covered with breadcrumbs and fried. This is a great meal for someone looking for a meat dish.

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