Top 7 Markets in Nice, France

Nice has a wide scope of various types of business sectors selling everything from nourishment to garments to collectibles. Here’s our manual...

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Nice has a wide scope of various types of business sectors selling everything from nourishment to garments to collectibles. Here’s our manual for the main 10, where you can discover them, what they sell and when to go.

Marché Aux Fleurs (blossoms, food, and collectibles)

There has been a blossom advertise on the Cours Saleya since 1897, when ranchers would land with their blooms, which would then be sent via train to different pieces of Europe. At the point when the wholesalers had left, people would be permitted in to purchase the staying stock. Wholesalers currently utilize an alternate market and nourishment and drink has been included. It’s an extraordinary spot to have lunch under one of the striped shades and watch the world pass by. On Mondays, the blooms and nourishment are supplanted with collectibles.

Opening times: Food showcase Tuesday to Saturday, 6am-5.30pm. Sunday, 6am-1.30pm. Collectibles showcase Monday, 7.30am to late evening.

Les Puces de Nice (collectibles)

Somewhere near the Old Port, there are an assortment of antique shops which make up the Puces de Nice. It’s an incredible opportunity to discover little pearls, old gems and family unit things in an extraordinary setting.

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm (7pm in June, July and September). Shut Mondays.

Place Saint-François (fish)

The fish showcase has been in Nice for a considerable length of time and offers exquisite nearby catch of the day, both fish and fish. It’s shut Mondays. Arrive right on time to guarantee you get what you need. The neighborhood locals can likewise help you by giving their preferred plans.

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday, 6am until the fish run out! Shut Mondays.

Place Garibaldi (collectibles)

Spot Garibaldi is a lovely square in the focal point of Nice. When a month, antique dealers hold a market where you can discover vintage things, old works of art and different bits of great bric-a-brac.

Opening times: The third Saturday of consistently.

Marché de la Liberation (nourishment)

This market is less notable by vacationers than the Flower Market however is a lot greater and increasingly utilized by local people. Thus, it will in general be less expensive as well and less swarmed. It has everything the blossom showcase has (blooms, organic product, vegetables, and neighborhood hand crafted produce like cheeses and breads) however it likewise has a secured meat advertise.

Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday, 7am to 1pm. Shut Mondays.

Place du Palais de Justice (used books and collectibles/expressions and artworks)

The Place du Palais de Justice is an incredible spot to discover expressions and artworks made by neighborhood experts (the second Saturday of the month) or old postcards (the fourth Saturday of the month). The ones in the middle of are for used books and collectibles. An incredible spot to human watch over an espresso.

Opening times: expressions and artworks consistently Saturday of the month, and used books and collectibles each first and third Saturday. Old postcards each fourth Saturday of the month.


“Vide Grenier”, in French, literally means to purge your closet. This is the French version of a flea market or garage sale. Individuals frequently take their undesirable things to sell in business sectors at the end of the week and others go there to chase for diamonds. Get cutting-edge data on dates and times here.

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