Capri, Italy – the Best Day Trip from Naples

A Capri day trip from Naples is a must: it can be easily accessed via a traditional ferry or a high-speed ferry called a...

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A Capri day trip from Naples is a must: it can be easily accessed via a traditional ferry or a high-speed ferry called a hydrofoil.

Once off the boat, the beautiful site of stunning cliffs, piercing blue water, and ripe vegetation invites you to the island.

aerial photo of boats near houses

In order to see the entire island, boat rides are offered that explore the entire coast. With the towering rock formations contrasted by the calm sea, the view of the island from the boat is incredible. The extraordinary rock formations, called the faraglioni, are truly a magnificent sight. The boat ride will also take visitors to the famous blue grotto, a sea cave along the coast of Capri renowned for its’ brilliant blue color. Once you arrive, you will be transferred into small wooden rowboats. Because there is no headroom, it is common for tourists to lie on their backs in order to clear the entryway. The people rowing the rowboats often sing extremely loud as they approach the cave. Inside the cave, the singing echoes beautifully off the walls. Once in the interior, the luminous blue completely over takes you and is possibly one of the most gorgeous things one can experience.

white and brown boat towards rock formation
white speed boat near rock formation

Even in the winter, Capri is a hiker’s paradise! After a boat ride, it is a great idea to take a hike around the island. It is possible to hike from one end of the island to the other, while on way spotting the breath-taking Gardens of Augustus. It would be a grave mistake to visit Capri and skip seeing these gardens. The stunning landscape, paired with the amazing view is the perfect place for a pleasant stroll or a picnic lunch.

For the best view on the island, you can either walk or take the chairlift to the top of Mount Solaro almost 2000 feet above sea level for an unforgettable panorama view.   Once you arrive at the top, you will also see the remains of “Fortino di Bruto,” a fort built in the early 1800s during the battles between England and France.

One thing is for sure, if you stop in Capri on your travels, you have to try a caprese salad (first created on the island). Created in the 1950s, the delicious mozzarella cheese combined perfectly with the tomatoes and basil is amazing!

closeup photo of tofu and tomato slices

Capri is also known for its’ stunning lemon trees grown throughout the island. Not only do these lemons form part of the beautiful scenery, but they are also used to produce lemochello, a sweet, lemony, liquor prevalent on the island.  It is delicious to try after dinner or any time of the day.

If you’re planning a trip to Italy make sure to stop in Capri for at least a day for breathtaking sights and a relaxing atmosphere.

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