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The 6 Top Boutique Hotels in Paris – 2019

Boutique hotels in Paris are often tiny, but charming. They overflow with enchantment and romance, a far cry from your typical chain...

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Boutique hotels in Paris are often tiny, but charming. They overflow with enchantment and romance, a far cry from your typical chain establishments. Here are six of the best boutique hotels in Paris, chosen for their unique and upscale feel.

Maison Souquet

Only insiders will experience the elegance of Maison Souquet, hidden behind a hidden facade signaled by two red lanterns. The bawdy, indiscriminate legend of the City of Light has been forged in the area around Montmartre, a legend that Maison Souquet is now part of. In a building that served as an interesting home during the Belle Epoque period, one of the most lavish and arduous sites in Paris history was brought to life. Jacques Garcia has applied his talents to recreate the mystery, elegance, exoticism, sensuality and the showy luxury of these facilities with their own architectural works. Bringing out of the city on bizarre decorations, the mind is free to pursue the joy between a fantasy setting created through artwork, sofas, causes and divan. Perfectly at home, guests see their room opening up to a luxurious setting, where life revolves around the ritual of drinking, having fun and meeting before and after dinner.

Hôtel Providence

Each of the 18 rooms inside of this sophisticated, boutique hotel is uniquely decorated. It combines rich + luxurious fabrics, patterns, and ornate classical furnishings. The hotel, built in 1854, has been a staple of the neighborhood for years. Hôtel Providence hotel also has a lavish living room with a fireplace, trendy restaurants and bars and a rooftop terrace. If you’re looking for luxury and post card views of Paris – this is your pick. 

Hotel Des Grands Boulevards

Hotel Des Grands Boulevards, a four star hotel, is tucked away in the heart of Paris. The hotel is a brand new Parisian place for the well traveled, a blend of modern confort and reminiscence of the French Revolution. Designed by the talented Dorothée Meilichzon.

Le Roch Hotel & Spa

Le Roch Hotel & Spa is a classic 5-start hotel which embodies Parisian chic. Located in the 1st Arrondissment of Paris, this boutique hotel reinvents the luxury without excess or ostentation. The wellness center is a highlight for most guests. It features a unique pool made of black lava rock, as well a hammam, gym, and spa. The lobby is also beautiful – including an open fireplace and bookshelf is filled with natural light, and an oddly crafted love in the bathroom decorated with handmade clay bricks.

La Belle Juliette Hotel & Spa

La Belle Juliette Hotel & Spa is a charming four-star hotel guided by a modern vision of romanticism and urban conviviality. This hotel is well-known for a focus on hospitality, with guests routinely leaving with a sense of well-being, calm, and tranquility.

Saint James Hotel Paris

The Saint James Hotel Paris is one of the only official castles in France. The mansion, built in 1892, sits on the site of the first airport in Paris. The 300-sq-meter private terrace has balloon-shaped pergolas in homage to the French airship fleet. The hotel is just as beautiful inside – the library bar still contains 12,000 volumes from the Thiers Foundation research collection. 

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