The Best Health, Wellness, and Yoga Studios in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is one of Mexico’s main destinations for yoga lovers or even for those who just want to escape from everything in...

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Tulum is one of Mexico’s main destinations for yoga lovers or even for those who just want to escape from everything in a relaxing wellness center. The length of the beautiful Caribbean coast of this popular city is full of ecological retreats, which makes it a refuge for fans of healing, pampering and relaxation of the mind and body. Here are the best yoga studios, retreats and wellness centers in Tulum.

1. Sanará Tulum

An eco-friendly, hotel-wellness center double threat, Sanará Tulum – which literally means “you will heal” – is one of Mexico’s best accommodation options and retreats. Sanará offers up a wealth of healing treatments, like the three- to seven-day Cleanse and Heal programs. Alongside this, yoga teachers are actively encouraged to lead retreats at Sanará and, if you don’t manage to get on one of those, there are still yoga and meditation classes held there daily at the spectacular beachside Yoga Studio.

2. Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa

The buzz generated around the rustic Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa of the Be Tulum hotel is not in vain, since this excellent complex has a lot of Mayan rituals, innovative yoga classes and spa treatments available. Take, for example, the monthly Open Moon Temazcal Ceremony led by a Mayan healer, yoga sessions in the treetops or Aztec chakra massages that will surely leave you with your spirit aligned and your body revitalized. Honestly, you will never lack things to do in this fabulous wellness center.

Yaan Wellness, Carretera Boca Paila km 10, Tulum, México, +52 984 179 1530

3. Yoga Dicha Studio

Yoga Dicha has a studio in Tulum that offers training courses for yoga teachers and some excellent daily yoga classes and programs, directed mainly by the owner of the studio Richelle Morgan. Working in collaboration with Help Tulum Dogs, they also organize retreats where you can help take care of the puppies. Given the inclusive policy of Bliss Yoga, beginners will feel like experts and experts feel better than ever, this yoga studio in Tulum is ideal for the amateur yogi or traveler who wants to try their luck with a dog that comes down quickly.

4. Ahau Tulum Yoga & Spa

Ahau Tulum hotel, located right on the beach and surrounded by the lush jungle, also functions as a yoga and spa center. Here they offer daily yoga and meditation classes in their study facing the sea, which overlooks the impressive coasts and sunrises of Tulum, and can also give private sessions. Alternatively, you can give your candlelight yoga classes a unique opportunity on Wednesday nights, which come with wine and chocolate included. If Vinyasa Flow is not your thing, enjoy some spa treatments, shamanic circles and drums, or an ecological workshop.

5. Yoga Shala Tulum

The name betrays him in the cozy and welcoming Yoga Shala Tulum, which is, as expected, all about yoga. It is correct, then, that they offer the widest variety of classes and styles of yoga than anywhere else in Tulum, which makes it the perfect place if you are not sure where to start or if you want to perfect your trade. Choose anything from Hatha to Ashtanga and Kundalini, and take advantage of their daily classes.

Yoga Shala Tulum, Carretera Boca Paila km 7.5, Tulum, México, +52 984 141 8116

6. Maya Tulum

Maya Tulum is not only one of the best accommodation options in the area, it is perfect for travelers looking for a superior wellness retreat in Tulum. They organize a lot of yoga retreats throughout the year, and experienced instructors offer daily classes in their yoga rooms with creative names (one is named after Itzamna, the Mayan god of medicine and creativity, and the other is Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of healing and health). breeding). Beyond that, you can give yourself a massage or a Mayan healing ritual.

Maya Tulum, Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila km 7 lt 10, Zona Hotelera, Tulum, México, +52 984 116 4495

7. Amansala

Run by a former New York resident, Amansala is a beach resort focused on wellness in Tulum, known for its energetic and quality yoga classes that break with the traditionally calm energy of practice and, instead, focus more on strength and revitalization. While private retreats are often organized here throughout the year, you can also find a large number of internal and customized retirement packages: the active Bikini Bootcamp is especially popular, as is the Yoga-focused Beach ‘n’ Bliss .

Amansala, Boca de Paila km 5.5, Tulum, México, +52 984 100 0805

8. Azulik Tulum

Azulik Tulum’s Maya Spa offers a range of treatments that combine ancient Mayan techniques with classic and well-known treatments, therapies and spa remedies, and will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. An extra charming addition to Azulik de Azulik is your apothecary: there you can get oils, creams, teas or natural soaps made especially for you that will help you with any medical condition. Do not miss the thematic ceremonies, the spa terrace and the bathtubs facing the sea.

9. Holistika Tulum

Finally, our last wellness retreat in Tulum is shaped like Holistika, a magical destination hidden in the heart of the green jungle. One of the few options that is not on the beach itself, Holistika is undoubtedly a unique yoga and wellness center that will make you feel enchanted and restored. In this hidden refuge you will find worship by the morning sun, meditation sessions in the afternoon and circles of fire at night.

Holistika Tulum, Av. Tulum 83, Centro, Tulum, México, +52 984 000 0000

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