The Best Street Food in Tulum, Mexico

Whether it’s delicious tacos in street stalls, magnificent fruit juices or refreshing ice pops, Tulum is one of Mexico’s main street food...

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Whether it’s delicious tacos in street stalls, magnificent fruit juices or refreshing ice pops, Tulum is one of Mexico’s main street food destinations. Although Oaxaca and Baja California are still advertised as the main culinary centers of Mexico, Tulum offers a great gateway to a culinary tradition that was officially recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage in 2010. Here are the best places to try street food in This majestic beach paradise. .

1. Taquería Honorio

Never far from the top of the list of local recommendations, Taquería Honorio offers the best breakfast tacos in the region. The traditional cochinita pibil (roasted pork slowly marinated in ground achiote seeds and orange juice) is legendary in Tulum. The thick and rustic dough tacos combine perfectly with the tasty meat and there is a wide range of spicy sauces to choose from. The stand opens at six in the morning and closes when the meal is over, so be sure to start the taco early.

2. Antojitos la Chiapaneca

This street shop is always full, a sure sign that the tacos on offer are really delicious. The menu offers tacos with beef, chicken or pastor (roast beef). The last one is the most prominent: juicy and tasty meat is gently roasted for hours. Antojitos la Chiapaneca also offers abundant spicy red sauce and guacamole. As busy as the place is, the service is always incredibly fast and the restaurant stays open until 1 a.m. every day of the week, except Mondays.

3. Taqueria La Eufemia

This quiet beach restaurant has established a reputation as one of the best in Tulum. Located nine kilometers from the historic center, La Eufemia specializes in tacos and offers fish, shrimp, arrachera beef, shepherd, pork rinds, vegetarian and poc-chuc (grilled pork marinated in citrus fruits). The modern beach venue also sells Iced CoCoffee, a delicious blend of coffee, chocolate and coconut cream.

4. La Flor de Michoacán [CLOSED]

This cute cafe serves excellent coffee, as well as delicious smoothies and fruit juices. However, Flor de Michoacán’s reputation is based mainly on his palettes (homemade palettes). These fun ice lollies come in all possible flavors: kiwi, pineapple, strawberry, mango and many more. The refreshing and delicious delights are wonderfully elaborated and you can see the colorful frozen fruit enclosed in its yogurt base.

5. Origami Gelato

Escape the heat and humidity of Tulum during the day in this legendary ice cream shop on the waterfront strip of Tulum. Origami offers a wide variety of flavors, including coconut, pistachio, passion fruit, chocolate, vanilla with biscuit and raspberry. The ice cream portions are generous and delicious. Excellent hot and iced Italian coffee is also served here and the place offers comfortable outdoor seating.

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