The Top 7 Restaurants in Tulum, Mexico

The foodie scene in Tulum is growing slowly but surely. Here’s your essential guide to eating in Tulum, from high-end restaurants to...

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The foodie scene in Tulum is growing slowly but surely. Here’s your essential guide to eating in Tulum, from high-end restaurants to quaint, beach-side hotspots.

1. El Camello Jr

Originally founded by a local group of fishermen, El Camello Jr is now one of the best and possibly most authentic places to eat in the city. Even so, it is now widely known in local and international circles, and this perennially popular place is famous for its generous and super fresh ceviche and seafood dishes. Ask for fish tacos to relax and bring at least basic Spanish, since English is not spoken.

2. La Chiapaneca

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Best tacos in Tulum, Mexico

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If you want an authentic place to have a quick meal, but seafood doesn’t float on your boat, then you can’t go wrong with La Chiapaneca. This is the primary place if you want to enjoy some authentic (and incredibly cheap) tacos in Tulum, which is often considered the best in town. Besides branded roast meats, you can also get a handful of other local foods.

3. Chamicos

Another promising restaurant next to Tulum Beach, is the impressive Shamico Restaurant that does not have a fixed address, phone number, or website. However, tracking this place without frills is definitely worth, as you’ll be rewarded with fresh roast fish and lots of kofta dishes, all made from seafood caught on the same day. It is difficult to determine the hours and you have to pay in cash, but it will be a memorable meal.

4. Posada Margherita

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Outside of the spectacular Mexican food, you can now enjoy a great Italian restaurant next to Posada Margherita Beach. You may wonder why we recommend Italian cuisine in Mexico, but after trying the fresh pastries and pizza presented here, you will not ask for more. As with most other places in Tulum, delicious seafood additions are added and the elegant atmosphere makes it a truly romantic place.

5. Gitano

Gitano is one of Tulum’s best bars (known for its extensive and decorated cocktail menu) and is one of the best restaurants in the area. Set in a forest-like location, the relaxed atmosphere complements the lush décor, topped with flashing lights and world-inspired, but firmly Mexican food. Take, for example, the Moroccan sauce that accompanies traditional tacos or basil guacamole.

6. Hartwood

Hartwood, which runs on solar energy and is lit by candles, is Tulum’s hipster paradise, and that says a lot. The creation of the American chef Eric Werner, has become the must-visit gastronomic destination in Tulum and it is easy to see why. Known for its first-come, first-serve and limited reservation system policy, Hartwood specializes in a seasonal menu that changes daily, runs out quickly and relies on quality local products, both terrestrial and maritime, including mahi Mahi to Jicama.

7. El Tábano

Finally, if you want a more DIY gastronomic experience, El Tábano is ideal. Sit at the table of your choice in this palapa-covered patio and look for the daily specials on the blackboard menu. With a seasonal menu that runs out quickly and specializes in modern Mexican cuisine with a special touch, you should arrive early to take advantage of what they have to offer and make sure you read the extensive list of Mexican wines carefully.

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