8 Tips for Traveling by Air

Planning is an essential step in any kind of travel and if you are going to travel by air, then this becomes...

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Planning is an essential step in any kind of travel and if you are going to travel by air, then this becomes especially important. You need to plan for your luggage, your documents, in flight entertainment options, and many other things. Here are a few tips for traveling by air that you can follow to keep all of those things straight.

1. Have your ticket and other documents handy

You don’t need to carry a paper ticket with you, an e-ticket with your photo ID is enough to get you on the plane, but that doesn’t mean you can forget everything at home. To board your flight you need some form of ticket with a valid photo ID to board your flight- make sure to have these easily available for multiple viewings.

2. Keep all your required documents in a carry-on bag

If you are travelling in your home country then any valid government identification can work, but if you are traveling to another country, you must show your passport with visa. A few countries may even require other documents such as travel insurance or an immunity certificate. It is a good idea to carry all these documents in your carry-on bag.

3. Pack light and suitable for flying

Luggage has a maximum weight limit and if the weight is beyond that limitation then you have to pay extra for your luggage. Packing light will not only save you money, but will also simplify your travel. Other than the weight limit, they will not allow you to carry sharp objects, bigger metal objects, or liquids so make sure you do not pack any of these things in your luggage.

4. Have one or two carry-on bags

Pack most of your belongings in checked bags but also carry one or two carry-on bags in which you can carry your gadgets, medicines, money, documents and other important items that you may need handy during your flight.

5. Make a copy of your documents

It is a good idea to make few copies of all your important documents and keep them in separate bags. Also make copies to leave at home so that in case of an emergency they can be sent to you.

6. Have entertainment options

In long flights you will not have many entertainment options and you might get bored so it is a good idea to carry some entertainment with you. A charged laptop with a few good films or an interesting book can do the trick on a long flight.

7. Take medicine for motion sickness

Motion sickness is one of the most common problems that many people have in flight. If you have a problem with motion sickness then taking a medicine for this before your flight will make sure you have a pleasant flight.

8. Prepare for an emergency

Make a list of all the important numbers that might need to be reached on your trip like your home contact number, emergency contact number, passport contact number, doctor contact number, etc. Keep these on your person so that in case of any emergency those numbers can be found easily.

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