Ibiza: Parties, Music & Must See Sites

Just the way it’s mentioned in the Vengaboys hit, Ibiza is one of the most thriving, dynamic party hotspots in the world known...

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Just the way it’s mentioned in the Vengaboys hit, Ibiza is one of the most thriving, dynamic party hotspots in the world known for its electronic music scene and nightlife. Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, just 80 kilometers from the Spanish city of Valencia. Ibiza enjoys a mildly warm climate and is one of the most visited islands in the world. Historically, Ibiza was known to be under several ancient and medieval kingdoms such as Carthage, Romans, Vandals, Byzantine and finally under the Moorish kings. The island was liberated during the crusades from the Muslim rule and stands today as one of the most popular maritime vacationing spots. If you enjoy partying and want to dance to some of the best electronic music in the world, Ibiza should be your definitive pick. Here are some of the reasons why you must visit the musical island of Ibiza.


Ibiza’s location near Spain’s eastern coast and the stunning shorelines it possesses makes it one of the most attractive beach destinations across Europe. Most of the beaches are rocky and formations like the lochness monster are visible from the beachfront. Ibiza is not just about clubbing—it has plenty of sun and sand for beach lovers. Aigua Blanques, Cala Xarraca, Cala d’Hort, Sa Caleta and Cala Benirras are some really picturesque and sparkling beaches.


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Every awesome party destination has a plethora of great bars and Ibiza is no exception. While known for its wild nightlife and parties, especially during summer, you may also find places to spend nice, relaxing evenings with friends. Try checking out some of Ibiza’s seaside bars where you can enjoy the electronic music that Ibiza is so well known for while sipping on your favorite drinks. As Ibiza is known as the birthplace of electronic music, it’s not uncommon to find world famous DJs spinning music at even the most low-key bars. Tantra, Café del Mar, Bambuddha and Blue Marlin are some of the most recognized bars worldwide.


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Known to be the birthplace of electronic music genres such as House, EDM, Trance and Techno, Ibiza is a must visit spot for music buffs. Most club festivals and parties are held during the summer. They feature world renowned DJs and their trippy tunes. There is also a live music festival, organized annually since 2005, named ‘Ibiza Rocks’ where several notable pop and rock artists like The Prodigy, Kaiser Chefs and Arctic Monkeys have performed.


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The ‘numero uno’ reason why you’ve probably heard about Ibiza in the past is because of its party and clubbing-influenced nightlife. Its status as a party destination is legendary—Ibiza is known to have some of the best clubs around the world. Much like how electronic trance originated in Goa, India, Ibiza is also one of the places where electronic music took its current form. At several nightclubs like Amnesia, DC10, Privilege, Space and Es Paradis you’ll find people dancing the night away to the beat.


Ibiza is not just famed for clubbing, beaches and music—it is also recognized for historic landmarks, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Several areas of the island have been protected by law from any encroachment or any sort of commercial activity. The old town area of Ibiza displays marvelous old world architecture, and has several historic churches and cobblestone pathways that harken back to the past. The Ibiza Cathedral, Puig des Molins and a 23-meter statue of Jesus Christ designed in the same vein as Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil are some of the renowned must see attractions in Ibiza.

Ibiza is a synonym for party, famous worldwide for the various electronic music festivals and pubs. However, Ibiza has so much more to offer travelers! The island is home to several other attractions like old cities and cultural sites, and is known for its distinctive maritime Spanish culture and cuisine which remains a favorite among visitors. Go check out what makes Ibiza such a great destination to discover!

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